Sunday brunch in Zlatý kohout restaurant

12. 3. 2016

We would like our offer to be as wide as possible and so each Sunday we are preparing for you a BRUNCH – if you like to sleep in on your Sundays and go out afterwards, our offer is here just for you! What's it about? Simple – from 11 am to 3 pm we are offering you the option of enjoying breakfast and lunch in a single serving. Apart from soups there are numerous smaller as well as larger meals on offer. The range and size of the meals is such that it will satsify your natural need for the most important meal of the day while giving you the option to not care about what else you need to do for yourself culinary-wise. TODAY YOU DON'T COOK – WE COOK FOR YOU!

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1. máje 757/29
460 07 Liberec
Czech Republic

+420 608 822 822

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