Roasted peppers with ricotta and virgin olive oil

100g / 99 CZK

Chicory salad with sun-dried tomatoes, variation of goat-cheese foams

100g / 199 CZK

Tenderloin carpaccio, wild rocket, four-colour pepper, lemon, Parmesan, olive oil                                                                 

100g / 199 CZK



Strong beef broth made of marrow bones, meat, and vegetables

0,25l / 59 CZK

Soup of the day (fresh every day)

0,25l / 59 CZK

Zlatý kohout Czech specials


Grilled matured rib-eye steak in demi-glace, grenaille potatoes roasted with rosemary


300g / 345 CZK

Hop-pork neck with bone in a roast-pepper and beetroot sauce, served with roasted bacon potato     

350g / 299 CZK

Beef cheeks a la Burgundy (red wine, root vegetables), cream-and-potato puree

200g / 249 CZK

Slowly roasted pork belly with sauerkraut and bacon, homemade bread

300g / 189 CZK

Beef burger Imperial with veggies, horseradish mayonnaise, homemade fries

200g / 219 CZK

Grilled rainbow trout fillets with smoked-salt scales, carrot straw, lemon

200g / 289 CZK

International cuisine




Tagliatelle with wild rocket and shrimps, white wine, butter

200g / 259 CZK

Chicken breast fillet with lime and cream, potato gnocchi

150g / 189 CZK

Marinated hop-pork ribs with onion marmalade, bread

400g / 239 CZK

Potato gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach, and finely chopped grilled flank steak

150g / 249 CZK

Vegetarian dishes


Creamy rice with shallots, garlic, and lime, Grana Padano, chives

150g / 179 CZK

Potato gnocchi with olive oil, wild rocket, nuts, and gorgonzola

100g / 189 CZK

Roasted vegetables on jasmine rice and quinoa, with crispy lettuce and grilled Balkan cheese  

200g / 189 CZK



Mix your own from the salad bar                                 

99 CZK

Beetroot tartare with goat cheese on a mix of shredded lettuce

169 CZK

Mix of shredded lettuce with grilled tomatoes, egg, and flank steak                                                                                         

199 CZK



Grenaille potatoes with rosemary

150g / 59 CZK

Boiled potatoes with clarified butter and chives

150g / 59 CZK

Potato puree

150g / 59 CZK

Roasted bacon potato with sour cream and fresh herbs

150g / 59 CZK
Steak fries 150g / 59 CZK
Jasmin rice 150g / 59 CZK

Roasted beetroot with sour cream

150g / 59 CZK
Homemade bread 250g / 39 CZK



Ask your waiting staff about the daily offer

69 CZK

Shallow-fried strawberries with Peruvian pepper, homemade cookie sprinkled with lavender sugar

100g / 169 CZK

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